Social Member

We can offer a mature, relaxed and active guild who enjoy the social aspect of World of Warcraft. We have a good balance of male/female members.

You will generally find guild members online. We have members who are active in all aspects of the game and so if you are interested in PvP or Mythic+ then you will generally find others online to group or chat to.

Raid Member

Order of the Silver Dawn raids with the aim of experiencing everything Blizzard has to offer, without the break neck pressure that we have recently seen burnout other guilds.

We currently run 2 progression raid nights per week:
Wednesday and Monday 20:30 – 23:00 server time.
We also run an additional raid night for alt/social members on Sundays 20:30 – 23:00 server time.

We don’t force our members to raid, however we do expect raid members to keep up a reasonable attendance to the raids. During our raids, the guild provides flasks and food but does require raiders to bring potions and runes.

We do expect to see an item level appropriate to the relevant raid tier and some experience/knowledge regarding the boss fights on normal.

We expect all our raiders to have a working headset/microphone as we use Discord as our primary communication tool during runs. We don’t have requirements or expectations for our people to use add-ons however many of our members find the below useful.
BigWigs / Deadly Boss Mods
WeakAura 2

Cross Realm

Additionally we also welcome people from other realms who are interested in raiding but don’t want to pay for a transfer.

Other Information

If Order of the Silver Dawn looks like the place for you then please use the link below to submit an application. If you want anymore information you can speak to any of these in-game: Kenlee, Atrius, Pirate, Felmet, Oski or Ephenia.

To apply please fill out our application form: