About Us

Order of the Silver Dawn (OSD) was created back in 2005, a few months after World of Warcraft launched. It was created by a good group of real life friends who had played together on the beta.

Our goal is to experience as much content as Blizzard offers in World of Warcraft while understanding real life takes priority.

What we can offer you
As we are built on friendships, OSD is a guild for all people, a neutral territory for all ages and backgrounds.

We can offer a mature, relaxed, but well structured raiding guild who enjoy the social aspect of WoW as much as the raid side of things. We have a good balance of male/female members, and plenty of people around to run Mythic + and timewalking etc etc.

Guild Management
The guild is lead by our Guild Masters Atrius and Kenlee. Supported by officers Felmet, Oski, Piraté and Ephenia.

We currently run 3 raid nights: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, 20:30 – 23:00 Server Time.

We don’t force anyone to raid or have strict raiding requirements however we progress through the content available due to the dedication of our raid team.

Don’t worry if you are new to raiding or a little rusty, we are happy to help you gear up and understand he tactics and mechanics of raid bosses. As long as you are willing to learn, we are 100% willing to help you!

On our front page, you can see the roles that we are currently looking for to compliment our current raid roster. However, we are always accepting of skilled players of any role who will bring something positive to the guild.

Additionally we also welcome people to join our raids cross realm if you don’t want to transfer realms, just message us in game if you are interested in doing this.

If OSD looks like the place for you then please check out our Recruitment page.

We are based on Arathor-EU server and are merged with Hellfire-EU. We are an Alliance guild fighting for King Anduin. We rarely experience queue issues during patch or expansions, yet the merged realm has a vibrant Auction House and plenty of opportunity to interact with others.